Isle of Wight Festival, 1970

Ilford FP4


Every photographer becomes a story teller by the end of their photographic career, they will be overwhelmed by all that they’ve seen and captured. There will be emotions they will not be able to contain once you’ve reminded them, a photograph can do that. This picture of Jimmi Hendrix for example I found behind a radiator in his bedroom, it’s taken from a contact sheet from the Isle of Wight festival in 1970. Having archived all his work I had never seen any negatives for this festival and so I asked. Where are they, and where are the prints. Charlie had no answer. I found out eventually that upon his return from Italy in the 70’s between squats and girlfriends kicking him out the negs were lost. A contact sheet is all that remains. I’m grateful there is some evidence of Jimmi tearing it up but weary for all photographers. No Print. No Legacy. Every end of career photographer needs to be cared for. Their stories need to be told, not just the glory but the tears, the heartache and their dreams.

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